Plaza Midwood and Chantilly

Chantilly and Plaza Midwood

Homes for Sale in Plaza Midwood in CharlotteChantilly is a small neighborhood popular among young professionals who want to live in the shadows of Uptown. Chantilly features beautiful streets and charming bungalows. It’s not yet as pricey as Elizabeth, though it’s well on its way.

From Chantilly, you come to Plaza-Midwood, a neighborhood comprising several smaller subdivisions. Plaza-Midwood traces its development back to 1903, when the first roads and trolley line were laid among the trees. The community is bordered by Central Avenue and The Plaza.

Central Avenue has enjoyed a great deal of redevelopment lately that complements its antique shops and vintage clothing stores. New restaurants and entertainment venues have made it a hot destination.

The Plaza is a residential boulevard lined with stately old homes, including the historic Van Landingham Estate, which is available to rent for special events.

The wide variety of homes in Plaza-Midwood may be the draw behind its diverse population. This is one of the few historic neighborhoods ringing Uptown where you will still find charming, affordable homes among larger, expensive homes. As with other historic neighborhoods, Plaza-Midwood is seeing its share of infill projects where the price per square foot is relatively high.

Charlotte Country Club, the city’s oldest country club, is surrounded by grand homes dating back to 1920. The Country Club’s quiet, curving streets blends seamlessly with those of Plaza-Midwood, making the two communities seem singular.

The latest urban neighborhood to see a rebirth is Historic North Davidson, or “NoDa.” The community, out North Davidson Street at about 35th Street, is known for its funky art galleries and colorful bungalows. In addition to the old shotgun homes, NoDa has seen a boom in residential construction in the past few years. The Renaissance offers 230 affordable townhomes with a variety of floor plan options and the 100-year-old Highland Park Mill No. 3 at 33rd and North Davidson has been renovated into urban apartments.

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